Capricorn the Goat – I Use
December 22 – January 19

Capricorn the mountain  goat is on a mission. It’s one focus is to climb the mountain of its desires and reach the pinnacle; no matter what the cost in terms of time, effort or endurance. The power of goals matter to Capricorn energy. Achievement is the ultimate reward.

Where you find Capricorn and it’s planetary ruler, Saturn, is where you need to achieve and be recognized and rewarded for your efforts. This quest is not limited to a job or avocation. Perhaps your deepest desire is to be successful within your friendship circle, or in your spiritual practice. As with any chart the possibilities are endless.

Capricorn key words include the three `r’s’: responsibility, respect and reliability. We tend to rise to the heights of success when we put forth the effort reflected by these qualities. Saturn’s key words include; structure, discipline and reality. We get `real’ where Capricorn and Saturn resonate within our charts and build what we want whether that be a physical structure, a career, a relationship, or anything else of our imagination.

Manifestation happens with Capricorn and Saturn. Behind every dream is hard work. Capricorn and Saturn strategize  to perform the 99% sweat equity behind the 1% of inspiration.

Archetypes of Capricorn include the banker, the CEO, the President, the power broker. Traditional corporate structures operate in Capricorn fashion. Capricorn energy flows from the top down flowing within a pyramidal structure. Leaders lead in this traditional structure by making independent decisions affecting all along the lower ladder rungs. Obviously this is an efficient process but one which stifles the creativity of everyone but the `boss.’

And herein lies the negative side of Capricorn. It’s said that `power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ There is an isolation within a strong Capricorn infused person; it’s lonely on top of the mountain. Furthermore, an attitude can develop in which people become commodities.

A balanced use of Capricorn energy is to `use’ tools to garner success, but only if the `tools’ are of the material type.  When an individual uses another person a misuse of the potent Capricorn energy occurs resulting in dehumanization.