Cancer the Crab – I Feel
June 21 – July 22

Cancer the crab may first appear to be an odd image for the sign of the `mother.’ What does a hard-shelled creature have to do with nurturing, nourishment and mother love? Consider this; the crab carries it’s home on its back, and, beneath it’s tough exterior lies soft sensitivity.  The crab’s anatomy is a perfect foil for attackers  and the crab’s pincers suggest a defensive posture as it saunters between the world of the sea and  the stability of the shore.

Nature has hard-wired the females of nearly every species to be fiercely protective of their offspring. Don’t mess with mother! You defend and protect the area of your chart where you find cancer energy. Sometimes protection means curling up in your `safe spot’ ( shell or home).  The crab doesn’t have the appearance of a fierce animal; sometimes the best offence is defense. The crab crawls sideways as a device to ward off predators.

The belly of the crab is soft and vulnerable. And, where we find cancer energy we feel vulnerable. Fear and worry often radiates from where Cancer falls. The state of our solar plexus, our `belly’, is the barometer of whether we feel fearless or fearful. When we trust `our gut’ we are calling forth our natural intuitive intelligence.

Cancer’s ruling body is the moon. Theoretically without the astronomical moon earth would be at risk for rogue cosmic debris. The astrological moon is the seat of emotions, caring, mothering, food, nourishment and the unconscious. These traits support the tender but fiercely protective side of Cancer.

Negative Cancer is positive Cancer unfulfilled and fearful. Concern dovetails into obsessive compulsivity; emotions running amok become moodiness,  motherly protection turning into control. Psychology 101 teaches us that unless the basic needs of life; food, shelter and clothing are met nothing else can be realized. As the primary water sign, or energy of emotions, balancing our Cancer or feelings is paramount to our feeling at `home’ in the world.