Aries – The Ram – I Am
March 20 – April 18

Aries is the Alpha of our charts; the beginning impulse. Where you find Aries in your personal energy system ( your natal chart) is where you start…everything. First and foremost it’s the arena of identity. Who am I? The house and planets which define the first house or Aries in your chart declares itself with the force and impatience of a newborn cry. Waaa! the infant bellows, I AM! I exist!

Imagine Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel fresco at the point where the fingertips of God and Man connect sparking the moment of creation. Aries is the seed, the first breath, the trigger which starts `it all.’ Aries is the first sign, the first of the solar year, the first moment of spring, the ram’s horns pushing against boundaries instinctively, aggressively and with raw power.

It takes a lot of force for the first spring flowers to burst through the frost covered soggy garden after winters’ repose. Likewise, it takes sheer will force some mornings to leap out of bed groggy with sleep to start the day. Aries is the push, the drive of the inner fire to begin again.

Mars, the red planet , is the ruler of Aries the Ram. Mars represents the male warrior spirit ready to stand up, fight, and aggressively pursue the object of its desire. Mars/Aries is the ego push and drive to exist. The human anatomy reflects this will to action. When we are `headstrong’ we mimic the head butting of Aries the Ram. Muscles, blood, brawn, and the head reflect the Aries energy.

Obvious negative Aries traits include the self-absorption of self. Again, the wailing infant thinks nothing of his parents. Understandable at age one; not at age twenty-one!

Spontaneity, courage, focus, support the will to be; Aries’ task. When we learn to tap into our instinctual, albeit, animal nature to survive we are embodying Aries.