January 20 – Feb 18
The Water Bearer – I ‘m Different

Aquarius the water bearer offers an image of a human figure pouring water over mankind. Even though the word `water’ is used in the description, Aquarius is not a water sign, but the sign of fixed `air.’ This ancient image refers to the rites of purification, and, in translation the word `Aquarius’ means pure. The gylph associated with Aquarius is two wavy lines. For modern purposes we can associate these wavy lines not with water but with waves of energy; electromagnetism, sound waves, sonar waves, wireless waves, etc.

Aquarius represents the pure brilliance of higher aspects of intelligence, technology, physics, metaphysics, electronics, radio waves. Where you find Aquarius in your chart you operate `outside of the box;’ creatively putting together ideas and solutions in an eclectic , eccentric and innovative way. Your inner genius is located where you find Aquarius and where it’s ruler, Uranus, falls.  There is `a fine line between genius and insanity.’ Where your Uranus and Aquarius  falls in your chart you may feel to be the odd one out.

The positive  application of Aquarius celebrates the group while acknowledging  individual uniqueness. The American `experiment’ which began in 1776 codified this Aquarian ideal within the constitution; protection of individual rights. No wonder the founding fathers,( who practiced astrology) manipulated the signing on July 4th to create a nation with an Aquarian moon.

You have to know the rules before you break them. Aquarius, the sign which is built upon the proceeding `rule maker’ sign Capricorn, is the maverick innovator which `breaks the rules.’ In any unique accomplishment; your special chicken recipe, your interpretation of Macbeth, your dazzling way of decorating,  you need to know the basics before you take risks and experiment. Aquarius and it’s ruler Uranus are the `awakeners’ ,the energy which opens us to possibilities beyond our structured routine or way of thinking.

Obviously a negative manifestation of Aquarius is being the `rebel’ without a cause, the law breaker, the outlaw, the gangster. The archetype of the `absent minded professor’ the messy, disorganized genius who can’t accomplish `real world’ chores would be an example of Aquarius run amok.  Aquarius energy needs to balance the new with the old, the structure with the innovative, and  the individual within the group.