Pisces Solar Eclipse 2017

Dreamy, sensitive, compassionate and caring describe the Pisces qualities floating SOMEWHERE within your natal chart. And, on Sunday February 26th at 9:58 am EST the energy culminates into an eclipse. Symbolically, an eclipse is a cosmic event when one of the lights—the sun or moon—disappear and then slowly emerge from the shadows. WE may inwardly muse; where are those Pisces traits we most appreciate? Where have they been hidden? Where are the elements of compassion, sensitivity and caring `out there’ in the greater landscape of our lives?

Some of our inner musing may have been going on for some time–two and a half years in fact–since the eclipse cycle moved through the Virgo/Pisces polarity. You could even say it’s the Virgo/Pisces parts of our charts which have moved through the most changes since September of 2015. Finally, with the energy of 2/26/17 the eclipse cycle completes. The doorways which have  wildly swung open and shut begin to quiet and stabilize.

The 2/26/17 eclipse is at the 8th degree of Pisces: a jockey racing a horse. This sabian symbol elicits intensity and focus. The jockey becomes one with his horse as he spurs the animal forward. The discipline and training is behind the the jockey/horse; only the goal of victory in the here and now is important.

You may ask yourself; what areas of life am I running a race? What are my goals? Where this eclipse takes place in your chart culminates the striving and hard work of the previous two and a half years. The race is now here! Victory is (perhaps) ahead, but, in the here and now what matters is intense concentration. This symbol may also elicit the `blinders’ we have on. In an attempt to reach goals, other arenas of life often take a backseat.

The eclipse COULD do many things for us. It may spur us onto our goals, or, help us reconfigure them. It all depends, as with any astrological event, where it falls in YOUR personal chart. Learn where 8 degrees Pisces falls in your chart during the monthly new moon workshops; Thursday in Williamsville (7:00 pm) or Monday in East Aurora (6:30pm.) Or! just learn about the lovey Pisces energy during the Divine Grace Fellowship service Sunday at 6:00 pm.

Whatever you do…. make a BIG wish at the eclipse hour! xxoo