New Moon in Libra

It’s time to get back into balance! The New Moon of 10/19/17 arrives at 3:12 pm EDT…inspiring us to `catch a breath’ ( Libra is an air sign after all). One complication is this: Uranus, the great electric, eccentric energy of surprise(!!) is positioned right across from this new moon. Across—or—at an angle of 180 degrees– implies that some truth will be revealed. It’s time for an unveiling! And that truth may come quickly, unexpectedly and without a shred of sentimentality or emotion. This opposition reflects the cutting wisdom of science, logic, and reason.

The sabian symbol of this degree is that of `an airplane hovers high in the sky.’ A plane demands our attention to look `upwards’. This symbol suggests many things about perspective from a (figuratively) `higher plane!’ It can also inspire us to `aim high’ in our aspirations….with the help of course… from the Uranian energy of the `crazy genius!’sablibra27planebetter

There is an expression which comes to mind; `Set your sights on the stars…if you fail you’ll still reach the moon.’ And the old favorite; you can’t succeed without trying…

To aid you in your new moon intention setting here are some inspirational nuggets. Use the following as a `cookbook’, applying your sun sign AND your rising sign if you know it. ( and if you don’t know your rising sign go to my website under `astrology 101′ to find it.)

Aries: Set new goals for your relationships. Your partner needs/wants more of your attention. They also have something valuable to teach you over the next month.

Taurus: Set new goals for your health maintenance. The new moon week is ideal to improve your diet and exercise routine. It’s also an excellent time to improve your work tools and productivity.

Gemini: Time to play for you! Your sector of fun, creativity and even romance is highlighted now. Make fun a priority.

Cancer: This new moon is activating your home part of your chart; family, relatives, house improvements. Out picture your perfect domestic environment.

Leo: The new moon triggers a desire to communicate; writing, speaking and marketing are all worthy aspects of this energy. You’ll find the courage to truly talk your truth.

Virgo: Time to get serious about your income. The new moon assists you in analyzing your skills and resources. It’s inventory time!

Libra: HAPPY NEW MOON! Even though you may have already enjoyed your birthday… This new moon in LIBRA is your capstone for the year, like a `second birthday!’ Make a wish for YOU today.

Scorpio: Dive into the waters of your private world; that’s what the new moon is inspiring for you! All things spiritual, reflective and meditative is being activated. it’s ok to take that nap:)

Sagittarius: Set your intentions for expanding your friendship vase. This new moon will assist you in meeting new friends as you cultivate existing associations.

Capricorn: It’s all about your career! the new moon may inspire you to `think higher in your career goals. At the very least you may experience greater opportunities for leadership and service.

Aquarius: the new moon highlights your house of ideas, learning, marketing and travel. Before you know what you do, you need to clarify the philosophy behind any actions.

Pisces: This new moon activates your sector of power through self control, self understanding and resource management. Spirituality through the dance of intimacy is also highlighted.