New Moon in Leo

Happy Leo Friends! The sun is officially in the grand and glorious sign of Leo, `now’, but it’s tomorrow Sunday the 23rd when the moon also joins Leo to create the `new moon in Leo’….

Welcome the new moon in Leo Sunday morning by launching your new endeavors, new thoughts and inspirations. You don’t have to `do’ a thing. Just be open to shift in consciousness which leads you towards of path of greater bliss and joy. If you like, do a formal `setting of intentions’ after the joining of sun/moon at 5:46 am EDT. And you can do this anytime on Sunday!

2017 is a most dynamic year. We have TWO new moons in Leo (one of course being the Great American Eclipse), plus the nodal shift into Leo. Its as though the doubling of the new moons in Leo is EMPHASIZING all things Leo; leadership, joy, creativity. fun, passion.eclipseandsigns

Leo is the essential stage where we want to be our essential, unique and creative self. Our essential self—the sun—is the ruler of Leo in our charts. This is the time friends! By dynamically discovering what we truly love to do we are being the ruler of our own life….

And how do we discover this? The sabian symbol for this new moon holds a clue; “Under emotional stress …blood rushes to a person’s head.” We know that there is `good’ stress and `bad’ stress. Stress per se is the fuel which motivates us …to act …to do…! THIS new moon suggests we make the distinction from being filled with the internal heat of pursuing our passions and/or just being a `hothead’. The German expression `hitzekopf’ says it all~! The word Hitze means “heat” and Kopf means “head”, so the term translates to “hothead” – someone who easily gets angry and tends to act out.sabian0leoBETTERhothead

The Lion can roar or it can purr. Use this dynamic exciting Leo energy to reignite that essential drive within to pursue whatever `heats you up!’—your passion, your creativity, your bliss, your joy.

We hold the power! The new moon on Sunday offers us a choice; to be the hitzekopt…. or…. the ruler of our life… the king or queen of our own drama ( life!) !


((PS)) have you gotten any inspiration yet about How YOU want to pursue YOUR creative gifts?astrohealingwoman