Musings on the Virgo Full Moon: 2017


The opposition, the angle of 180 degrees between planets, symbolizes the potential to negotiate conflicting viewpoints into a new perspective of balance and harmony. Thus is the full moon; the sun and moon are opposing each other; the juxtaposition of the solar male action with that of the lunar female reaction.

The full moon of March 12th at 9:54 am EDT represents the conflict and ultimate balance of Pisces ( spirit) and Virgo ( matter). What we may HAVE been feeling leading up to this celestial moment is the awareness of our physical limits; `the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’ to evoke biblical wisdom.

In other words, you may have experienced fatigue, a sense of anticipatory disquiet, overwhelm or just plain tension between how you see yourself ideally ( Pisces) to that of the `real’  ( Virgo) you. We live in bodies, which, ultimately are fragile. To be human to be of matter is to NEED certain requirements, ya know, like food, rest and shelter. Our spirits, eternal and endless and ever reaching perfection, Nirvana,  enlightenment become just a wee bit frustrated at the limitations which we all endure.

Virgo represents the care-giver, which starts at home as your ultimate home is your body. However you take care of yourself is highlighted during this full moon period; your diet, your rest cycles, your exercise all is up for self-review. The sabian symbol for the moon quite stunningly supports this theme. Its the `lion tamer, a study is the ways we control and modify the animal within. virgo23liontamer

As you navigate the next week questions you may ask include how may I structure my routine to include nurturing habits? What ways may I tame the stresses of life through enhancing my physical structure? Pisces solar energy at opposition may be saying to you, you're perfect the way you are...why bother doing all those good habits?’ While the Virgo critical energy may be whispering in your ear ` if you can’t do it perfectly forget about doing anything at all!’

Balance and compromise is the lesson of the full moon. Perhaps a blending of the messages might be, `the journey of the process of perfection is taking each step one-by-one.’

Have a blessed full moon cycle! xxoo