Moment by Moment Astrology: Week of 1/31/2022

Aries-You feel like socializing as the week begins. Call a friend. Make a date. Thursday is career decision day when you find clarity regarding your job. Enjoy the weekend. It promises to be an upbeat one with lots of activity and networking.


Taurus-The atmosphere at work gets a little explosive as the week begins. You win points for calming the storm with perseverance and grace. Your actions get you noticed and could improve your status and leverage. A friend reaches out mid-week for support. Retreat and rest this weekend.


Gemini- Design some sort of adventure as the week begins: travel or learning something new. Your clever wit is admired at work midweek. Thursday you focus on unraveling financial concerns. Host a party over the weekend; you are in the mood for fun with friends.


Cancer-Intense is your keyword as the week begins. Don’t shy away from demonstrating your strength and power. Others will respect you for it. Thursday you receive new information about a partner which will impact the commitment shared between the two of you.


Leo-Who are your trusted partners? That is the question of the week. You may test a loved one to determine their level of loyalty. Answers are revealed after Thursday. Your need for a change of scenery is strong this weekend. Travel if you can, even if it’s a short jaunt.


Virgo-Health is your priority as the week begins. A close friend encourages you to take action to improve your health including better nutrition, and exercise. Your creativity gets a boost on Thursday as you make fun a priority. Review finances over the weekend.


Libra-New week, new attitude for you regarding fun, creativity, and joy. Prioritize enjoyment on your `to-do’ list of activities. Wednesday and Thursday activate your health goals with new enthusiasm-better nutrition and exercise. Positive connection with a partner over the weekend.


Scorpio-As the week begins, you apply your focused will power to smooth over a domestic crisis. By Wednesday, focus on fun and creativity as you connect with your `inner child.’ The weekend is a time for healthy activities including sports and cultural events.


Sagittarius-It’s time for you to organize your time. Early in the week favors schedule adjustments. Stick to a new more effective way of communicating, and self-talk. Mid-week is ideal for reviewing your finances. Let your hair down and play over the weekend.


Capricorn-Money is on your mind as the week begins, improved income and budget control. Financial plans made now will tend to stick. Mid-week favors communication and marketing. Cozy up at home over the weekend.


Aquarius-Happy Birthday! The new moon in your sign on Tuesday is a time to celebrate you. Pay attention to daydreams and inspired thoughts to embolden your dreams and goals. Mid-week favors money management. The weekend offers you a chance to take a short trip.


Pisces- You may feel physically vulnerable as the week begins, tired, or run-down. Don’t push yourself! Midweek the tide turns and you’re feeling more optimistic and stronger. Make a list of all your virtues and skills as you contemplate ways to improve income over the weekend.