There is sooo much chit-chatter about `mercury retrograde~’ But not always a lot about `mercury station direct’! Well, friends, I’m here to remind you in less than 24 hours ( at 4:50pm EST) Mr. Mercury `stations direct….’ and WE get back `on-time with our lives!Cassandra Joan Butler Astrologer & Teacher's photo.

Mercury: communications, networking, logic, left-brain, connections, `thinking’…. Since January 5th the planet of the mind has been in `retrograde motion’ meaning in the very least we have been living in a time `outside’ of time. Snafus with connections, `fuzzy’ thinking, retreating from logic and feeling our way with our hearts. Really, that’s not all that bad! It’s been like a winters nap before we REALLY get on with the tasks ahead.

Reminder: time to put the holiday decorations away!

Reminder: time to `get on with our aspirations’ those tasks with lead to our specific goals: step by step. What happens when mercury in Capricorn goes direct? Focus without being sidelined by this or that. Capricorn is about achieving GOALS…doing the sweat equity it takes to `make it happen.’

Clarity returns! And with it….no more `excuses’ LOL!

SO hold onto your hats…as you push from first to second gear and really great the new year with GUSTO!

Cassandra Joan Butler Astrologer & Teacher's photo.