mercury-retrograde-gifyHurrah! YAH! It’s HERE! Mercury has retrograded ….since 9:04 this morning!!

What? Is. she. saying?! You may query.

‘Mercury Retrograde’ is the cycle when the APPARENT motion of mercury—planet of all things `communication related’—is backwards. It’s also one the most commonly misunderstood times. An expression swathed in mystery. An expression that EVEN the every-day-astro- naysayers bandy about.

It’ s not intrinsically `bad’ friends…..any more than `sleeping’ is!
Mercury retrogrades about a third of the time. We SLEEP about a third of our lives away. Isn’t astrology simply AMAZING in it’s symbolism? Who among us would say SLEEPING is bad.
This means that a full ONE THIRD of you reading this now were BORN with mercury retrograde.

Does this mean that the third of you reading this are doomed to never buy a car, settle a lawsuit, buy & sell, or travel? Which of course are the `things’ which we are warned against doing during said times: `mercury retrograde’.

As with everything in astrology….this period from 8/30 until 9/22 is person specific. If you were one of those one third living on the planet…( and yes that’s billions & billions of you:) born with merc. retrograde you might even LOVE this time; it feels `more you.’

mercuryAnd indeed, Merc, (R) for EVERYONE is a time to `re’: red-do, re-member, re-consider, re-connect….I LOVE This time because while I am NOT born with that special Merc. (R) I know I can get `caught up.’

And,here’s a good Merc (r) word: Retreat! Retreat from making a decisive decision…retreat from your old patterns… and heck just treat yourself to a RE-boot! lol!

Let’s personalize! Summer went fast, yes? Did you do ALL the things you wanted to do ?? Clean the garage, see Auntie Jo, exercise, eat right, put pictures in albums…..HAVE FUN? Probably not. So now… until the first of fall you’ll have the `re-trograde’ energy to complete all those `to dos.’ Really! How bad is that?

This retrograde is in VIRGO, which is RULED by mercury, so it will FEEL more intense.Issues involving our self-care: health habits, diet & exercise will be able to be refined and re-started.

Travel? yes! ( but double check) Buy a computer? Yes! but get a warranty.

BTW! If you want to know if YOU were born with mercury retrograde… ask via email, but of course it may take me a few more moments than usual to get to it! I’m re-doing A LOT!

You hold the astrology map… and you decide!