Gemini Lunar Cycle

GEMINI: The curious charming chatterbox (or?) the creative connector who communicates! (or) BOTH!

It’s not too late… to set your NEW MOON intention in the sign of Gemini. Find it in your chart…( you can use the app on my website to show you where) and write/communicate away! Gemini is all about the power of word,and, we do know this; what we articulate inwardly can and does manifest in our outer world. Sticks and stones may break our bones… but we ALSO know words can truly`hurt us.’ Watch our words this cycle.  It might also be a great cycle to cultivate a mindful meditation practice. Observe what you say to…YOU!

The sabian symbol of this NEW MOON is the radical magazine.' The implication is to speak your authentic truth no matter what. We may also observe ( is this even possible?) more radical news in the media.

Questions to consider during this cycle: What do you think about? When your mind just…relaxes ….where does it wander? How might you improve your communications? How might you de-clutter? How do you make decisions? Logically? Reflectively? We may want to hold off making a `radical’ decision until the full moon cycle illuminates the opposing point of view in our world.

Gemini energy is forever young! Think Peter Pan. Gemini is the beautiful butterfly; Angelina Jolie & Marilyn Monroe. Gemini is the writer with an edge: Tupac & Bob Dylan. And where YOU have Gemini you shift and change with the ease of a butterfly.

Each month there are four major lunar cycles:

NEW PHASE: 4 Gemini: 5/25/17 @ 3:44 pm EDT: Make a wish, intention, plan your work, journal, until….

FIRST QUARTER: 11 Virgo: 6/1/17 @ 8:42 am EDT: Work the plan, focus, create structure through concentrated effort, until…..

FULL MOON PHASE: 18 Sagittarius: 6/9/17 @ 9:10 am EDT: invite a new perspective through feedback, create relationships, receive outcomes of intentions until….

LAST QUARTER: 26 Pisces: 6/17/17 @ 7:33 AM EDT: Make revisions, edit, correct and ultimately accept whatever result you achieved as you ready yourself for the NEXT new cycle in Cancer on 6/23/17!

Have yourself a sparkling Gemini Cycle!