Gemini Full Moon – Tuesday December 13th at 7:05 pm

15541278_1807128319561026_8064338625614618469_nHappy Gemini Full Moon! On Tuesday December 13th at 7:05 pm EST the two lights will be exactly opposite at 24 degrees. The Sabian Symbol Message for the moon: `Three fledglings in a nest high up in a tree.’ The SS message for the sun: ` The bluebird of Happiness.’

Bird images evoke messages. This will be quite as active time for us individually and collectively to `watch our words’ spoken and thought.

Sooooo….much….to say…..about this full moon! But of course! It’s illuminating in the sign of communication: Gemini. To communicate one requires a sender & a receiver, two at least, depicted by the sign of the twins and visualized as the Gemini glyph which resembles the Roman Symbol for TWO.

We think in binary patterns. Early computers did that as well: 0/1. Every moment of our lives is divided into twos: inhale/exhale. We learn and evaluate initially in simple terms: I understand/ I don’t understand; yes/no, good/bad.

I have noticed that many people I care about, especially mutable energy ( Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces) are experiencing a heightened sense of this polarity….RIGHT NOW as the moon slides into it’s 180 degree angle to the sun. With the sun in alignment with SATURN the energy of duty & responsibility life may not feel all that `festive.’

The collective mind is being tweaked by this energy. How about you? Are you experiencing an overload of thought? Scrambling to the find…the….words… for your experience of polarity? ( for many it’s just the hectic Holiday Season, for others, facing crisis it can FEEL ( moon) as though thoughts are spiraling out of control…)

And on TOP of it, Mercury, the ruler of this full moon is about to retrograde Monday adding to the sense of cognitive spin.

Solution? Observe the thoughts first before they get translated into the words spoken. If EVER our words mattered they do today, tomorrow, this week…The full moon is shining a spotlight rich with meaning on the words thought and spoken.

15442110_1807128416227683_6454079072656152159_nThe sabian symbol of `baby birds’ in their nest speaks of a sense of newness, and vulnerability. While a nest is `home’ the birds….with time…will be fully expected to fly off on their own. What part of you is nesting ( resting?) before the expectation of mature release? A project? A relationship? A crisis? ( WHEN will this be over we ask??!)

The most important message this week? Words…matter.