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The full moon of Saturday, 1/23, peaks at 8:46pm, shining in the regal sign of the lion; 4 degrees of Leo. All full moon’s represent a blending of opposite energies as we are shown another `point of view’ . Full moon’s illuminate, culminate, and balance the two sides of the `same coin.’ The singularity of the Aquarius/Leo energy is that of creative genius. The dichotomy is one of motivation. Leo creates for from the heart for ego validation. Aquarius creates from the mind to uplift humanity.

We all, of course, have BOTH these energies alive and well SOMEWHERE in our charts. Neither motivation is `better’ than the other. The creative self-satisfaction of `achieving’ our heart’s desires..(Leo) as valid a motivation as `saving the planet.’ (Aquarius)

Cassandra Joan Butler Astrologer & Teacher's photo.You may notice the energy stirring up a self-reflective analysis ; why am I living the life I am living? How can I invite more play, more joy, more `heart’ into what I do? Is love ( leo) at the center of what I do and who I am with? Questions of the `day.’

And there is an urgency inherent with this weekend’s questioning. The full moon will be in an applying square aspect to mars; indicating a tense impatience about wanting what we want `now.’ Mars is rather pushy. It implies ACTION . No WONDER we are bracing for one big nor’eastern storm, Jonas, by the light of the full (wolf) Be moon!

The sabian symbol is the `well-dressed elderly man standing next to his hunting trophies.’ Can you relate? The SS is suggesting we want to be NOTICED for our accomplishments. We have worked a long time ( elderly man) at our daring conquests ( hunting trophies). And, the guy is `well-dressed’! Arising questions: Am I being judged by by outer appearance? Does experience really matter? Do I judge a book by its cover? How much do I display my accomplishments? Should I?

Cassandra Joan Butler Astrologer & Teacher's photo.

Ultimately….the LEO full moon suggests we step into our role of `king’ or `queen’ of our own lives. Be the star of our own story! The path to identifying `our story’ is to listen to our hearts. Be Brave (Leo) which makes us all free! ( Aquarius) xxoo