Cosmic Alert! Double Class! The Mars/Venus Conjunction & Meditation

 October 5th is a most auspicious day this year! Not only do we have a a full moon-the big beautiful Harvest Moon— but we also have the meeting of the cosmic lovers in the sky: Venus & Mars! Tonight’s workshop reflects this powerful day. First we will identify where the cosmic lovers—Mars & Venus are conjuncting in your chart. This CAN indicate the beginnings of a new relationship. Perhaps with a new lover….perhaps a new `Virgo’  relationship ….with yourself. By that I mean …taking CARE of yourself in a new way! Full moons are times of feedback and reflection, and, this particular full moon emphasizes the gifts of clairvoyance ; seeing images within. During tonight’s workshop you will  also be guided by this beautiful energy as we meditate and offer each other spiritual messages. Even if you have never given a message you will be surprised by your ability to `tune in’ especially by the light of the full Moon. You will also receive particular guidance on how to work with your gifts within a safe and supportive environment. This spiritual development circle is open to all!