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 23 reviews
by Sherry-Lynn Zanchin on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Healer and Teacher
City & State: Ontario, Canada

I am so grateful and thankful to have found Cassandra. I love listening to her videos and reading her articles. She has reopened a door for me. I am very excited to be attending her Eclipse Retreat and being on this journey. Many thanks!

by Traci Bedell Bissonette on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Business Owner/Expo Manager/Healer
City & State: Clarence, New York

I have been seeking Cassandra's amazing readings and insight into my personal astrology chart for many years. She is nothing but a consummate professional, always explaining in great detail what the message is for me. I can tell you she is very accurate. I was seeking some clarity on an issue and needed a time frame of when it may be completed. It what was a very difficult time for me and she nailed it exactly when this issue would be resolved and cleared up!She truly is beyond a gifted and talented reader! She is kind and compassionate, highly educated in all things astrology! Cassandra is a dear friend and I highly recommend any of her services!

by Kelly Wahl on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Massage Therapist and Medium
City & State: Cheektowaga, New York

Cassandra IS a true STAR! �
Cassandra is always there to offer insight, healing, and perspective.
She is an amazing Medium as well as a gifted healer. Her monthly church service is very welcoming and nurturing.
I love Cassandra's live videos on what's going on as an astrological theme & how she breaks it down to your individual sign.
Cassandra is a great teacher and we are all blessed to have her, her knowledge, wit, and charm is our community!
Many Blessings to you, Cassandra!

by Paula Hamilton on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Healer
City & State: Buffalo, New New York

I had an astrology reading done way back in the 1970's when Cassandra was doing readings at East West bookstore on Main Street across from UB south. She told me information that has unfolded over the decades to ring so true its astounding. Excellent astrologer and we are lucky to have her as a Buffalo native.

by Holly Gernatt on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Teacher and Counselor
City & State: Pennsylvania

Her knowledge is wisdom!! She is simply the best astrologer!!

by Martha Weber on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Entrepreneur
City & State: Amherst , New York

November 6, 2017 ·


by Kyle Jillian on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Manager of Kyle Jillian
City & State: Buffalo, New York

November 13, 2017 ·
Amazing, amazing- AMAZING! I cannot recommend Cassandra enough. She gave me just what I was looking for, her talent and gifts are off the chart! LOVE!

by Rebecca Smith on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Astrologer & Tarot Consultant
City & State: New York

I got to know how talented and wonderful Cassandra is when I took her Astrology 101 course almost three years ago. I knew I wanted to study Astrology and had been looking for a teacher - her class popped up in my Facebook feed and I immediately signed up. It was the best decision I’ve made in years! She introduced me to the planets, signs and houses and, as they say, the rest is history. I am now studying Evolutionary Astrology and give Cassandra all the credit in the world for opening this door for me. Cassandra is an incredible teacher with compassion and empathy for everyone. I’ve regularly taken her classes - some more than once - and am amazed at the level of insight she shares with her students. We have become friends. We share a passion for Tarot and Astrology and I am a much better reader/healer because of what I’ve learned from her.

by Francy Duska on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Nurse & Healer
City & State: Tonawanda, New York

I have been so fortunate to experience Cassandra's skills and Compassion in several ways. Cassandra is very knowledgeable about Astrology, and really makes it accessible even for beginners. I have found Cassandra immensely helpful during our private sessions. Here she combined Astrology with Mediumship; which gave me clarity and insight into issues in all areas of my life.

by Joan Giardina-Schubring on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Business owner
City & State: Hamburg, New York

I have been seeing Cassandra for 3-4 years for astrological readings. Not only is Cassandra is a true intuitive professional, she is a lovely, caring, giving person. The readings are always spot on, she welcomes questions and is open to discussion. She records the session and gives you the CD. Its truly amazing the amount of information about yourself and your future comes from your birth chart. I started out a skeptic but could not deny the accuracy of the readings as they pertain to my life, love, business, etc. Thank you Cassandra!

by Anna Mari on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Entrepreneur & Spiritual Coach
City & State: Niagara Falls, New York

Cassandra’s a brilliant teacher with a huge heart!! You rock my friend!

by Rei Kress on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: student
City & State: Pennsylvania

Cassandra is a pleasure to talk to! I was gifted a reading from her for Christmas and I couldn't be happier. Her knowledge of Astrology and Charts as a whole is astounding. Definitely an expert in her field. I had a rudimentary understanding of astrology and she helped me learn more as the reading went on. Was very kind in answering questions and a pleasure to talk to in general. Highly recommend!

by Paul L. on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: writer & attorney
City & State: Buffalo, New York

Cassandra is a gifted psychic and astrologer. Her session must be experienced to understand what a blessing it is to receive her guidance.

by Jenna Bray on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: student
City & State: Buffalo, New York

���� thank you so much the reading and for witnessing me and listening and helping me ! Lol. I needed that so bad! It was incredible, thank you so much Cassandra � you are an awesome astrologer ! � and universal integrative healer ����

by Debbie J on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Medical asst
City & State: East Amherst, NY

Cassandra has been my mentor and astrological teacher for the last several years. As a Reiki Master, she also attuned me to become a Level II Reiki practitioner. I have used several of her services including past life regression. She's amazingly gifted and talented. I feel so blessed to also call her my friend. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed!!

Profession/Vocation: Health care provider
City & State: Buffalo,Ny

I first met Cassandra at a new moon class. I was looking for more out of life then the social complacency and the mundane. Cassandra did not disappoint, she opened a whole new world for me. I continue to follow her in her new moon classes, were I use the insight and guidance of what is influencing us from the cosmos that month. Everyone's natal chart is reviewed.Now the best part ! Having an individual consultation with Cassandra is an incredible experience and one I highly recommend. Cassandra is a deeply intuitive person, using her incredible insight with her vast knowledge of astrology , her readings are extremely accurate for understanding your life's events and challenges how to use the universe to your benefit for making the best decisions possible. She is excellent at dream interepertation as well. We are blessed to have Cassandra available to us in WNY. She is genuine, compassionate and to the point in her readings . Thank you Cassandra for sharing your wisdom and enriching people's lives.

by Judy Hartke on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Artist and Owner of WillowLight, East Aurora
City & State: East Aurora, NY

Cassandra is simply one of the most gifted professionals that I have ever known, and one of the kindest, most authentic people you will ever meet. I have been blessed to work with Cassandra on a variety of levels, and I can say that all of them have been absolutely at the top of the field. The readings I have had with her have been full of valuable information and spot-on, and can be so reassuring and clarifying--I can't recommend them enough! Her talent as a teacher never fails to awe and inspire me as she takes her incredible depth of knowledge and shares it in such a way as to be easily understood by the beginner, but deep enough for the advanced student as well. A very rare gift!

Profession/Vocation: Inside Sales Consultant II
City & State: Buffalo, NY

I've been working with Cassandra for 3.5 years now and don't know where I'd be without her. I have participated in Astrology classes, Massage Therapy, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Integrated Readings, Divine Grace Church Services, Astrology Timeline Therapy and more. I had been recently divorced and newly dating in toxic relationships, very depressed when I met her and have come so far thanks to her assistance. Cassandra is the utmost professional, everything is confidential, her bedside manner is amazing, non-judgmental, kind, soft spoken, & truly caring. I consider her a true friend now. She helped me heal in so many ways. I am in a much better place with her there for me along the way with her services; accepting and loving me as I am, just the way I am (as she does with all her clients). She saw my desperation for healing and growth and assisted me expertly. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have had the courage and insight to do so many things that have helped me learn, grow, and heal along the way. I feel like I'm back, I'm aware, I'm me again and I crave to learn so much more. Most important, she assisted me in knowing who I am and I love her for that. If you make the commitment to yourself to work with her, you will grow to appreciate and adore her as well. You won't be sorry!

Profession/Vocation: Professional
City & State: Buffalo NY

I met privately with Cassandra several years ago for an astrological reading of my chart, she was excellent. Extremely knowledgeable, thorough, clear and details explained very clearly and I she was very empathetic. I've also had the pleasure of attending a few of her spiritual events and find Cassandra to be a kind, sensitive and 'real' person, not one who sugar coats 'life' nor does she bring in the gloom and doom. Cassandra is the REAL DEAL!

Cassandra and I connected in 1990. Ever since I have been reaching out to her for astrological information which is specific, clear, and on-target. She doesn’t overwhelm with jargon or `fluff’. I have recommended her to all of my more spiritually minded patients. They all have been extremely happy with the way she describes not only life experiences but soul desires.

by Linda Benincasa on Cassandra Joan Butler
Profession/Vocation: Artist
City & State: Buffalo New York

Cassandra has been a special blessing to me as a massage therapist for the past eight years. I come to her for therapy once a month. She always works with me to modulate pressure. She is one of the few people who has purity of heart. She has no prejudices of any kind and all are welcome on her massage table. She uses a variety of techniques. I respect her because before you help others you have to be in balance yourself. And in our many conversations I have seen her to be in balance in mind body and spirit.

by Frank G on Cassandra Joan Butler

When my finance died in 2014 I didn’t think I could go on. A friend recommended me to see Cassandra for a session. Being brand new to this, I was frankly, skeptical. After a short prayer, Cassandra started to describe intimate details about my beloved with accuracy and clarity. She even described my fiancée’s brother who has also died. I can’t express my gratitude enough for having found Cassandra; a link to my girlfriend.

Profession/Vocation: Business Owner
City & State: Williamsville, NY

I went to one of Cassandra’s ‘massage and message’ programs several years ago at the recommendation of a friend. Expecting nothing more than a light-hearted girls-night-out, I had no idea I’d be meeting someone that I’d soon consider as my most trusted and cherished spiritual advisor of the highest degree.Having had lots of experience with psychics, tarot card readers and mediums throughout the years, I can honestly say that Cassandra’s consultations address what I’ve been searching for; insight relating to my life path, soul-growth and the lessons I’ve come here to learn. She is, in my estimation, the closest thing to a high priestess that I’ve ever encountered. Her profound wisdom, intelligence and kindhearted wit make every consultation one that leaves me refreshed and spiritually satiated.