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The Astrology of Memorial Day

Blessed Memorial Day! ‘Blessed Memorial Day’ seems more to be a more appropriate greeting than `Happy Memorial’ day, since remembering the war dead is anything but `happy.’ While you are enjoying this long weekend, a kick-off to the promise of the sweet warm days of summer ahead, consider the astrology of `Memorial Day.’ There are […]

New Moon in Capricorn + Uranus Stations Direct=Boom!

  How are you? I know I am using every ounce of my mind-body-spirit to navigate what is being called 1) unprecedented times; 2) challenging times; 3) divisive times…and on & on. Frankly, there are no words! If you are like me…you are still `processing’…. What happened at the US Capital was a horrific loss; […]

Post Election: Expect the Unexpected!

  11/10/20: What a difference a week makes…After the highs and lows of the campaign of the century we have elected a president…or have we? Technically what occurred last Tuesday was that we the people submitted ballots which will be then certified by the individual states, whose delegates make their selection on the 14th December […]