2023: Year of Individual Infinite Possibilities!

As the clock chimes 2023, we welcome a new year with an astrological emphasis on the power of the individual. Restart self-assertion. This year the adage, ‘be the change you want to be in the world’ has never been clearer. 2023 is the year of personal authenticity. The planetary shifts trigger a way to personal authenticity through resource management and self-esteem, healing the inner child, and a commitment to one’s spiritual path. Because Pluto tip toes into Aquarius for the first time in 268 years we will also be evaluating how we each connect with our local tribe and how we might contribute to the world at large.

When we think, `personal’ we think `Aries.’ The year begins with the planet of plenty, Jupiter, moving through Aries. Jupiter expands wherever it transits. Jupiter in Aries emphasizes the concept of the individual. This once-every-twelve-year cycle helps each of us clarify our unique identity. The ruler of Aries, Mars, also is active as the year unfolds as it continues its long transit in Gemini, still retrograde. This expanded emphasis on Aries and its ruler in the sign of `thinking’ suggests a focus on our personal agenda. We may have contradictory goals; such is the retrograde affect. Once Mars stations direct, on January 12th, clearer thinking prevails.

Too much `me energy’ can degenerate into narcissistic behavior, that resembles the action of a spoiled child. 2023 offers two Aries themes which can neutralize too heavy an emphasis on the `self.’ The first is when Jupiter in Aries catches up with the asteroid Chiron, the wounded healer, from January through May, peaking on March 11th. Chiron’s placement highlights where we need to review and release pain and suffering. The dance of Jupiter with Chiron offers us to do some deep healing, including inner child work, along with forgiveness of self and others. This combination can transform self-absorption into the actualized self.

The second Aries theme expresses through the nodal shift into the polarity of Aries-Libra. 2023 will be the first time in nearly 19 years since the north node, will be in Aries. It’s a call to embrace a new identity for the `self’ free from the expectations or projections of others. The nodes are experienced through the solar and lunar eclipses. The first of the Aries eclipses occur on April 20th, at the 29th degree of Aries. As a fire sign, Aries responds best to visualization. Use this first of the Aries eclipses to hold a vision of your best self. Perhaps put together a vision board with images of you posed in your most vital, ideal light.

Other eclipse dates:1) May 5th (an opportunity to heal and release fear over security); 2) October 14th ( an opportunity to heal and release relationship fears); 3) October 28th ( an opportunity to heal and release power and manipulation games).

At its best, Aries energy reflects strength, self-confidence, spontaneity, innovation and courage. The process of `working on ourselves’ takes courage because it implies a process of revealing the self to itself. 2023 offers us an opportunity to have a true relationship with our inner self, so we may more successfully navigate our lives with authenticity.

Pluto, the great transformer has been moving through Capricorn, the sign of societal structure and authority since 2008. Capricorn themes such as government, business, and social structure have been systematically rebooted from the inside out over these 15 years, especially during the past two years. Pluto in Capricorn has revealed the shadow of manipulation from leaders on top of the proverbial societal mountain. Trust in our collective `institutions’ has never been this low according to a 2022 Gallup Poll.  (https://www.forbes.com/sites/madelinehalpert/2022/07/05/trust-in-us-institutions-hits-record-low-poll-finds/?sh=3a41e7d4dbd5) As we anticipate the Pluto ingress into Aquarius, the first blush which is happening in 2023, the collective landscape will change.

Since Pluto reflects the essential nature of power, when it transits in Aquarius, we will see the focus of power shift from that of top-down (Capricorn) to a system of collectivity and inclusivity.


Bureaucracy, and Plutocracy are systems to be replaced by a more evenly distributed power base as represented by Aquarius. The last time Pluto transited Aquarius was during the late 18th century, from1778 to 1798. Enormous social and political upheaval occurred then; The American, and French revolutions, plus revolt against monarchies, and `top-down’ power worldwide. This revolutionary spirit will prevail from 2023 through 2043, as the volcanic purge of Pluto sweeps through Aquarius.

The foreshadowing of this important cycle occurs from March 23rd through June 10th of 2023. Then from June 11th through the remainder of the year the last gasps of Pluto’s revealing power in Capricorn will occur.

Saturn transits repeat approximately every 30 years. This upcoming year will usher in a new two- and half-year cycle of Saturn in Pisces. Saturn is the energy of structure, reality and responsibility. Wherever it touches it strengthens, through the qualities of commitment and discipline. March 7th is the date of the Saturn ingress in the ethereal, spiritual, idealistic energy of Pisces. What might we expect? Think of Saturn as the being the mechanism of grounding Spirit like capturing Sunlight in a bottle. The Saturn ingress in Pisces will likely result in a resurgence of interest in religion and spirituality.

Jupiter enters Taurus on May 15th, inviting us to heal the fears associated with resources and survival that was stirred up by the 2022 nodes in Scorpio/Taurus. The Scorpio/Taurus polarity highlights the balance between Taurus matter and Scorpio surrender. When Jupiter the energy of expansion transits Taurus we will be motivated to engage as wise stewards of our personal resources. Since 2018 the Uranus transit in Taurus has emphasized the health of our shared resources, the gifts of the planet. Jupiter in Taurus will expand this urge in 2023, creating opportunities to stabilize both heal the planet and stabilize the world economy.

2023 offers each of us opportunities to play a bigger role in the larger world landscape. Whether this be within our homes, our communities, or connecting with the world at large via the `world-wide-web’. The shifting away from the Pluto in Capricorn will be a relief as we navigate the new  inspirational energies of Aquarius reflecting a world of infinite possibilities.