Eclipse Energy Unfolding

The signs and symbols in the sky can guide us with exquisite accuracy…Use the solar eclipses’ energy today to set your intentions; specifically intentions involving your spirituality. The magic and mysticism of the Pisces energy infuses us with hope. Pisces is the omega energy of unconditional love and compassion…and forgiveness.

Today’s energy ( Sunday the 26th) through March 4th is the ideal time to list and let go of grudges against all the `others’ whom have trespassed against you. Chief among your forgiveness list is YOU. Forgive yourself for your transgressions. Ask the God of your understanding to cleanse you of your shortcomings.

From March 5th through March 11th is the work-a-do week, time to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself the week of February 26th through March 4th. This second week of the cycle assists in focus. Like the 90 degree angle made between the sun/moon we are able to harness the necessary kinetic energy to get the job done.

The culmination of the cycle is the 7 days post full moon. The full moon of Sunday March 12th is in 22 degrees of Virgo: An animal trainer taming the tiger. The sabian symbol suggests that we control the wild instinctive side of ourselves. A perfect tool of course is mindfulness meditation. Do what you need to to analyze your thoughts, emotions, and reactions. True power is self-control. The full moon week is one of feedback and clarity. Read the reactions of other regarding whatever intention you set earlier in the cycle.

Our last week of the cycle runs from March 2oth through March 26th. This is the waning cycle. Our energy like the moon’s light recedes and goes within. We are still motivated to continue our work, but through  sense of editing and completion.

Embrace the spiritual energies! Pisces gives us the cosmic climate to connect with the Divine!


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