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2018 Lunar Phases — New York, N.Y.(EST) CASSANDRA JOAN BUTLER New Moon BEGIN AGAIN First Quarter CREATIVE WORK Full Moon FEEDBACK Third Quarter WORK & RELEASE Jan. 1, Mo 09:25 PM Jan. 8, Mo 05:26 PM Jan. 16, Tu 09:18 PM Jan. 24, We 05:20 PM Jan. 31, We 08:27 AM Feb. 7, We 10:55 AM Feb. 15, Th 04:06 PM Feb. […]

The Dance of Uranus Jupiter + Eclipses

We are still reeling from the energies of the `Great American eclipse’ ! Eclipses are not isolated moments. These are evolving cycles. The first inkling this new Leo/Aquarius cycle began in August of 2016. February 10th of this year saw eclipse #1 in Aquarius, and, in May the nodes (eclipse points) shifted. By the solar […]

Power Cycle of Integration

Spiritual factors AND science concur; we are in a powerful cycle of transformation! Consider todays’ full moon in Pisces; mercury stationing direct; the strong geomagnetic storms (as reported by NOAA); the path of hurricane Irma AND the integration cycle of the SOLAR eclipse of 8/21. If you are feeling any of the following; dizzy, anxious, […]

New Moon in Leo

Happy Leo Friends! The sun is officially in the grand and glorious sign of Leo, `now’, but it’s tomorrow Sunday the 23rd when the moon also joins Leo to create the `new moon in Leo’…. Welcome the new moon in Leo Sunday morning by launching your new endeavors, new thoughts and inspirations. You don’t have […]

Summer Solstice

Welcome Summer! The magic moment is here! The sun ingress into Cancer marks the solstice—sun—-standing still! What this means astronomically is that the sun shines over the Tropic of Cancer  reflecting the longest day of sunlight in the year; approximately fifteen hours in Buffalo, New York; a longer period of time due north…shorter daylight in […]

Uranus Venus Conjunction

Embrace the madness friends! Uranus conjunct Venus today in Aries at the 27th degree! If you’ve been feeling just a little stressed’ recently….overwhelmed… you are not alone!   Relief is in store because the Uranus/Venus conjunction has this symbol,  `A lost opportunity is gained.’ Just when you are at the end of your proverbial rope; […]