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The Solar Eclipse in Cancer

  This solar eclipse has passed; 10:46 pm EDT on July 12, 2018. How did you sleep? Any interesting dreams or insights this morning? Make note of your feelings as you begin your Friday the thirteenth. It’s a new day, reflected by a new eclipse cycle which only comes about once every nineteen years. Solar […]

Jupiter Stations Direct

Get ready …get set… GO! Its full steam ahead for wherever Scorpio is shining in your astrology chart. At 1:04 pm Tuesday July tenth Jupiter stations direct—that is—moves forward in the sky after being in retrograde since March eighth. It’s almost as if those happy feelings of generosity, and exuberance have been stalled for the […]

Happy July 4th 2018!

Mars–the planet of all things hot: tempers, temperatures, aggression, and activity is RETROGRADE in the dry detached sign of Aquarius. So far this summer SO hot. You aren’t alone if your are sweltering; this heat wave is winding its way among some 60 million people, and, is expected to continue this holiday week. Why THIS […]

Mars Retrograde; Anger or Innovation?

Hold onto your hearts; keep that blood pressure and pulse rate steady…we are in for an electrifying week! Mars retrograde PLUS the full moon equals hot and expressive emotions. Chances are you are already experiencing a sense of the high drama. Tuesday the 26th, Mars retrogrades at the 9th degree of Aquarius; ‘A man who […]

Super-Blue-Blood-Lunar Eclipse!

A SUPER moon=a full moon at its closest orbit to earth which creates a pinkish BLOOD red coloring and receives the title’ BLUE moon for being the second full moon in one calendar month. WOW! Today’s celestial show at 8:27 am EST created quite the stir worldwide for its beauty and rarity. Beyond its’ astronomical […]

Welcome 2018! Uranus goes Direct !

Hello Future! Dateline: January 2, 2018! The energy of surprise, excitement and individuality moved direct today opening a path for us to go for it! Uranus is the wild card of the planets because it represents our inner genius and…our inner eccentricity. Electricity, energy, science and truth resonates with the planet of unpredictability. Planets are […]

TIME for a Change: Saturn in Capricorn

Buffalo NY, 12:00 am EST, 12/20/17: In this very moment….Saturn enters Capricorn & a new ERA is born! Welcome to your new life friends! For the next 2 ½ years Saturn –the planet which rules rules, and structure, and the powers `that be’ will be transiting its’ affiliated sign: Capricorn. It’s as though Saturn—the energy […]